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July 21, 2011

Beersheba Springs Arts and Crafts Festival

Another craft show! Yes, I decided at the last minute to throw my hat into another show this year... I will be at the Beersheba Springs Show at the end of August!

Thankfully, I have tons of stock and will just need to replenish a bit of it. So, I better get busy and start sewing!

I look forward to seeing everyone there and meeting LOTS of new customers!!/BeershebaArtsandCrafts

July 15, 2011

Thank Goodness!

The Jamboree is over! It was soooo hot this year that most people actually stayed home. As much as I enjoyed seeing my returning customers, it was really, really hot.

With the heat keeping the crowds away, that means I'm going to offer some deals on here to reduce my inventory!

First up, I have a few pairs of summer flipflops left over; Sale priced at $8.00!! I will post the sizes available in each style and if you would like them, please send me an email at I do ship these for $2.00 a pair and if you are local, I'd be happy to meet you somewhere.

Size Large girls Princess ribbon FlipFlops. On sale through July, $8.00

Sizes Small and Large girls Zebra Print FlipFlops. Coordinates with Stripe work Pillowcase dresses!
Has Hot Pink, Black, White & Lime Green ribbons.
On sale through July, $8.00
Size Small Sold!

Sizes Small & Medium girls Orange, Pink and Brown FlipFlops. Coordinates with Paisley and Dots Pillowcase dresses! On sale through July, $8.00

Size Large Girls Monkey FlipFlops. Has a variety of turqouise and browns. Too Cute! On sale through July, $8.00

Size Large Polka Dots and Stripes FlipFlops. A variety of yellows and oranges make these super fun for the sun!
On sale through July, $8.00

Size Small Rocker Girl FlipFlops. Super cute with lime green, hot pinks and oranges. On sale through July, $8.00

Size Large Ladybug Black and Red Flipflops. This pair features reds & black in strips and dots with a red and black bow front and center. On sale through July, $8.00

Size Large Lime Dots Flipflops. Lots of Lime and turquoise on this pair. On sale through July, $8.00

I have much more to post in the days ahead, so be sure to check for deals!

June 20, 2011

Countdown till the Jamboree!!!

It is CRAZY here!!! I am sewing away my days and parts of my nights as well. Most of my inventory is ready to go but there are always more items I would LOVE to make!

This year, I have PINK Sock Monkeys as well as the Traditional Brown ones! They are Adorable if I do say so myself! And, to go with those little monkies, I have also made some precious pillowcase dresses! These are designed to fit sock monkeys, 18" dolls (like the American Girls) and they also fit my little soft babies. I didn't make tons of these and I do expect that they will sell out quick so be sure to look for these little sweeties while at my booth.

I also have lots of new bows! Both clippies and Big girl bows in a variety of colors and patterns. And, if you love those Hair Flowers as much as I do, you are in luck! I have many beautiful colors and styles; large and small!
Need something to help keep up with all those bows? How about an adorable bow holder?
See? I really have been busy! Now it's time to get back to work!

Can't wait to see you at the Jamboree!

May 27, 2011

Working away!

I know it's been a bit since I've posted but with good reasons! Since my last post, one foster son went to another home and a new foster son came to stay with us. The new one is 2 years old! You can imagine that I've been busy adjusting to that not to mention sewing for the jamoboree, finishing our first year of homeschool and TONS of appointments!

SHEW!!! I need a vacation!!!

Anyway, I have been sewing and here is a sampling of some of the new dresses that will be at the jamboree!

This one is available up to size 4T; it would make an adorable top for the older girls though!

Another one that will be available up to a 4T

I love them both but the strip work dress is my favorite! The photo DOES NOT do this one justice.... I've got 8 more just about completed and will add photos as I complete my goals!

Now, I just have to finish 30 chalkmats, 20 crayon rolls, several more tutus and about 30 more babies, some sock monkeys, etc. etc. etc.  lol, good thing I don't like sleeping!

March 22, 2011

Healing slowly...


I imagined that this surgery would be much like my C-section... tender but able to really get back up by my second week and running around town as needed by my third week. So far, it's not been that way at all.

It absolutly drains me being up all day. I'm still homeschooling the girls everyday and that takes a massive chunk out of me. The week of my surgery we used their planned spring break so that baby sitters didn't have to worry with it nor would I my first week back home. I'm really glad I planned it that way because of the pnemonia setting me back a few more days.

I am able to get up and down without assistants every time but there are times I still need to use someone to pull up on. That makes it rough during the day time for sure. I usually sit for a long time so that I don't bother the girls.

I do still walk around with my belly pillow... Kelvin went to walmart on the hurt for the perfect pillow for me and he came back with three! How awesome is he??? One is perfect for my back to help me sit up higher, one is perfect for my belly to hang on to when moving or coughing and the last one just kind of tucks under my side to help support me.

I am finally finished with all medications and that is a blessing because it made me so sick that I had to take fenigren for it. I have had a weird taste/feeling in my mouth now for two weeks. Will be looking forward to tasting real foods!

Anyway, I've complained and explained some of my blessings... I hope to report I'm back to my old self in a short time more and can get back to sewing and crafting all the things I love!