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July 21, 2008

So Sew Busy!

Well, it's summer and it's always busy during the summer months but it seems like the last few weeks have been especially busy!

I was very blessed to have several great orders come in last week and was busy getting those out. During all of this, our church was also planning our annual church-wide picnic/campout.

We had a blast and I don't think my photos do the campout justice! As you can see, the main attraction was a massive water slide and it wasn't limited to just the kids: I have photos of the older folks havin' a blast too! I'll post those soon, enjoy these for now!

Other than the great water slide, I did have some exciting deliveries this week! Some of my fall fabrics are starting to trickle in. I will post photos of those as soon as I have a few minutes to take them.

Have a great week!

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