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July 17, 2009

150 foot water slide & weekend FUN!!!

This weekend should be a good time with just a bit of work but it's for church and everyone out there that has any interest in 150 foot water slide, fish-fry, good visiting and general fun is invited out! If you need directions or more information, just use my contact me button off to the side or email me at and I'll be happy to answer any questions!
This little adventure started out YEARS ago as a men & boys campout but over the years, it evolved into a family campout. Then, about 5 years ago, they decided to add a 150 water slide for the kids and it quickly became the focus of the "campout".
We'll start the event off with great music tonight... so bring your guitars and spoons!

Of course, the slide (or slides; there are TWO this year!!!!) is going to be going full speed ahead with anyone that is brave enough to take a ride! Open to all ages... from 2 to ????

Of course, there will be LOTS of Food! I'm sure there will be watermelons, hamburgers and tons of desserts but this year, we plan on doing a FISH FRY around 2:00 tomorrow... YUMMY!!!!

Well, I have lots of work to do preparing for tonight and tomorrow so I better get with it!

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