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August 28, 2009

No more sharing...

Now before you start lecturing me about the virtues of sharing, let me explain! For the last several years, my sewing room has also been my dining room. Not good. The table was always covered with fabrics, projects to be completed and just a general mess.

We hardly ever got to eat at the table. When we did, it was because it was holiday season and I'd closed shop so that the rest of the family didn't think I was completely insane with my sewing mess. So, come birthdays and holidays, sewing had to be put away. Project pieces went into piles, never to return again.

Well, this week marks a milestone! Our computers were moved into the man cave, the dining room table was moved into the computer room and now at last, I have my own room. It does come with its own set of problems... only 3 walls; its open into my kitchen as this is actually a "den" of sorts. Of the 3 wall, only one is pretty solid so I mounted a counter top to the wall as my work space. Not much room for storing all the fabrics I collect and all the other pretties that I have gathered over the years. The wall I was storing all the fabric on now has my counter top... what to do??

Now, with all that said, you guys will benifit, I hope anyway! I need to have an inventory reduction sale... As soon as the weekend is over, I will start posting pictures of some of my purses, a few o'alls, pillowcase dresses & a few other items to make way for some of the other stuff I have to keep! Be sure to keep an eye open for all the goodies!

In the mean time, I'll leave you with my mess!

P.S. it's already MUCH better, all the fabrics that I intend to keep are put up properly and those that didn't make the cut, well they are going to the dumpsters in the morning. Keep me in your prayers; I need them!

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