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August 16, 2010

Oh how long it's been!!!

I'm sorry. I'm a bad blogger... haven't been focusing much on the blog but rather Church, family and sewing. It's been crazy busy here most all summer starting with a sewing frenzy to finish my preparations for the Smithville Jamboree. It was a fabulous success and I can't wait to return for another great year next year!
After all that sewing, I needed a little break and took the rest of summer off. It's been a fairly quiet summer here and just a few trips. We did, however, make a rather large decision for our family! We have decided to home school our girls.
With the school year already started, we are already enjoying the library and small field trips and right now, my girls are proudly learning writing skills while they think they are  just getting drawing a pretty rainbow picture and telling me about their rainbows. Sneaky huh? ;o)
I will be continuing sewing, maybe not as much as before but then again, I do have two young ladies that may actually enjoy sewing themselves... we'll see!
Off to read about rainbows! Have a blessed day!!!

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