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December 9, 2009

Ready to Go Gifts!

Ok, so here are the babies that are left... just a couple girls and a couple boys. I won't be making any new babies until the first of the year but I have lots of great ideas for some really cute things!

The second baby on the top row is sold... just 5 more girls left!

There are only four little boys left. With their messy hair, you will be sure to fall in love with one of these little guys...

Also, this weekend, there will be a benefit auction for my Uncle Bill Barnhill. Many of you may know him or he may have done work on your car for you. He was the body shop manager for Willmore Ford for years before opening his own business on Smithville Hwy. He just recently moved his shop next to his home just before he came down sick. He has been without work now for nearly 3 months, and of course, medical bills won't wait for you to go back to work... neither does electricity or water or groceries. But, we can all have a hand in helping out. I know its been hard on everyone financially this year but if you can, please try to make it to the Lucky Community Center for a Ham dinner at 4:00 this Saturday with a benefit auction to follow! Lots of goodies will be auctioned. I've got a few things going to this auction so if you are looking for shower gifts, here you go!

This basket includes a small diaper bag, Sleepy baby, Minky Baby Quilt, Set of 2 Burp Cloths & a Paci Clip.

The boys basket will include a Large Diaper Bag, Sleepy Baby, Minky Rag Baby Quilt, Set of 2 Burp Cloths & a Paci Clip.

These would make a wonderful gift for someone you love and will help a wonderful family as well! Hope to see you there!!!

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