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November 17, 2009

See you there!

This is probably the last time I will have a chance to post on the blog before the show! It has been a whirlwind of activity here in the Bond household! Along with all the sewing, we have been blessed to have my Uncle moved from Saint Thomas Hospital to one of the local rehab facilities so that he can regain his strength. If you remember, he wasn't supposed to make it through the night but with LOTS of prayers, God heard our petition and answered our prayers. He is doing much better and has a was to go but he is here! God is so good isn't He?

We have also had a ton of basketball games and practices and other appointments! So my sewing has been a stop and go event for several weeks now. The good news is as of today, everything will be completed! The last of the babies will be finished today... be on the lookout for a couple of new things with the babies! We have some sleepy babies, some boy babies and some with new hair styles! Still so sweet and adorable!!! At the jamboree, I'll have a couple of new plushes for everyone too. They are great for boys or girls!

In other news, our adoption lady will be out on Monday for us to sign some papers and we should be able to have a court date in the next week. Please pray it will be before Christmas! It has to be after December 16th, but anything after that is fine. Of course, we also have to go around everyone's schedules too and with it being a holiday month, we may run into trouble with schedules. So, just keep us in your prayers!

Don't forget to visit me at the show! I'll be lonely without all the visits from my blog buddies and friends! I'm booth number 19 on the main floor! See you there!!!!

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masko said...

Hi, it was good to see you again and had a chance to talk a little more at the show.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness to my daughter, the dolly stays with her all day and night since then!

Hope to have another chance to chat with you about sewing :D Happy Thanksgiving!