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May 13, 2009

No Rockin Mom's out there?

Just kind of curious... is everyone just busy with end of the school year events? That's why the give-a-way is a bit late but still, better late than never.
Only one entry so far so she has an awesome chance at winning this bag! LOL, I guess I'll just have to post pictures to entice you to enter huh?

Ok here's a sneak peek! :)

So, if you guys want a chance at this gorgeous bag, you better get your entries in! :)

In other news: We will be having a special visitor next week... she's 11 and loves sports and Mexican food. So, I will be cooking Chicken Enchiladas for her and see how it goes. If everything goes well, we are planning a weekend visit that could change into a permanent placement for her. It feels like everything is in slow motion and Thursday of next week will never get here but I know things are moving very quickly. Please pray for us and our family. We want this young lady to be apart of our family but most importantly, we want what's best for everyone!


michelle brock said...


Saying a "special" prayer for your family. Hope you guys have a great week-end.

The Trendy Spot Boutique said...

Thanks so much Michelle, we are going to need lots of them!!! :)